Township 1, Range 13

by David Leon Montgomery

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GPS Coordinates: Lat: 34 58 40 N, Lon: 87 52 53 W


To reach this cemetery from Florence, Alabama, travel Alabama Highway 20 West for 19 miles. Turn right (east) onto County Rd. 8 and go about 1 mile. The Cody Cemetery is located on the left in a wooded area about 50 feet off the road. The cemetery has a fence around it.


This cemetery lies in western Lauderdale County in a wooded area, but can be seen from the road. Although trees surround it, it is not grown up and deserted.


Cody, David; b. 29 Jan 1872, d. 02 Jul 1897, son of G. W. & R. L.

Cody, Fanney; b. 13 Aug 1883, d. 17 Nov 1884, daughter of J. B. & E. J.

Cody, John J.; b. 12 May 1817, d. 18 Mar 1886, husband of Kizzarh

Cody, Leonard; b. 07 Sep 1905, d. 16 Feb 1911, son of I. B. & M. J.

Cody, Wayne; b. 04 Jul 1880, d. 29 Aug 1897, son of G. W. & R. L.

Sharp, Charles; b. no dates, 1777 Patrick CO., VA 1867 Alabama

Sharp, Matilda Anglin; no dates, 1788 Patrick CO. VA 1898 Alabama