Enumerated March 31, 2010
David Leon Montgomery

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GPS Coordinates: Lat: 34 57 39.8N, Lon: 87 44 03.0W


The Johnson Cemetery is located east/northeast of Cloverdale, Alabama. It is encompassed by private land and has been somewhat difficult to locate. Before visiting this cemetery, please ask before going across private property. The cemetery has a chain link fence surrounding it. There is at least one other grave there that cannot be found. It is the one of Akin A. Fowler, who died August 23, 1916 at 65 years of age, and according to his death certificate (see below) is buried at the Johnson Cemetery. It is said that slaves may be buried nearby also, but there are no indication of any graves.


As the above photo illustrates, the Johnson Cemetery lies in a densely overgrown area. The cemetery area inside the fence has at some time in recent years been cleaned. There is only one row of graves, however, at some point in time, it may have been a little larger, with graves toward the east side.


Fowler, Akin A.; died 23 Aug 1916, son of Lorenzo Fowler who is buried at the Parsonage Cemetery in this Lauderdale County listing.

Johnson, Callie; b. 1859, d. Jul 1928

Johnson, Donnist F.”Button”; b. 12 Jul 1875, d. 18 May 1958

Johnson, Dr. S.F.; b. 25 Dec 1822, d. 08 Jun 1894

Johnson, Mary Jo; b. 1870, d. 1950

Johnson, Mrs. M.J.; 01 Jan 1834, d. 17 Nov 1911

Johnson, Rachel; b. 1864, d. 10 Sep 1938

Johnson, Samuel Levi; b. 1867, d. 1942

Johnson, T.A.; b. 1860, d. 15 Oct 1938

Johnson, William H.; b. 08 Jun 1874, d. 29 Nov 1874

Olive, Bettie; b. 22 Jun 1855, d. Jun 1922