Vilena McClusky’s monument

by David Leon Montgomery

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GPS Coordinates: Lat: 34 59 03 N, Lon: 88 02 37 W


This cemetery, in western Lauderdale County, is located off County Road 21 north of Waterloo, Alabama. From Waterloo, travel north on County Road 14 1.07 miles and turn right onto County Road 90. Go approximately 2.2 miles to County Road 21. Turn left and keep right, following CO. Rd. 21 2.23 miles. The cemetery is across another intersecting road. This cemetery is very old. Many years ago there was a church here and this enumerator was told that the stone footings are still there a short distance from the cemetery. There are at least 12 unknown graves in this cemetery.


The engravings below are on the headstone of John & Sallie McClusky’s daughter. See the headstone above in the picture. It is said that John H. made the headstone and erected it there. Interesting inscriptions are as follows:


West side (opposite grave): Our darling Vilena, daughter of J.H. & S.A. McClusky, born October 7, 1911, died February 26, 1923. To know her was to love her.


South side: Friends, Kindred, meet me there.


East side (facing grave): Waiting the glorious coming of our Savior, Titus 2:13, For mine eyes have seen His salvation, Luke 2:30


North side: Born 3 miles east of Tuscumbia, Ala.


McClusky, Vilena; b. 07 Oct 1911, d. 26 Feb 1923, daughter of John H. & Sallie A.

McClusky, Sallie A.; b. 1871, d. 1927, wife of John H.

McClusky, John H.; b. 1866, d. 1939

Newton, Myrtle Leona; b. 27 Nov 1902, d. 15 Mar 1931

Newton, Josie T.; b. 28 Aug 1900, d. 20 Oct 1919

Thompson, Lillie Belle; b. 21 Sep 1918, d. 20 Jan 1919

Thompson, William Crawford; b. 10 Jan 1905, d. 28 Feb 1919