Enumeration is current as of January 10, 2012
David & Martha Montgomery

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GPS Coordinates: Lat: 34 57 23N, Lon: 87 49 55W


This is an old abandoned cemetery that possibly is the old Threet Cemetery. This cemetery lies near the Threet Crossroads community. There are only three identifiable graves here, two of them being Threet. The distance between the Threet and Bevis graves indicate to this enumerator that it is extremely likely that this is the old Threet Cemetery.


To reach this cemetery, travel west from the intersection of County Rd. 8 & the Natchez Trace Parkway about 2 tenths mile. Continue traveling west on county road #8 from the 4-way stop .25 mile west to county road #182, turning right and travel 4 tenths mile. The cemetery is on the bank along side the road.


There are folks that believe that the Threet Cemetery has long been plowed up & destroyed. If that is the case, it is sad, very sad.



Bevis, James T.; b. 20 Dec 1860. d. 12 Jun 1863, son of J.A. & M.E.

Threet, Eveline; b. 01 Sep 1834, d. 03 Mar 1915

Threet, J.J.; b. 17 Oct 1832, d. 06 Nov 1868